Re: Romanized Singhala - Think about it again

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 22:42:51 +0200

2012/7/4 Naena Guru <>:
> Philippe Verdy, obviously has spent a lot of time

Not a lot of time... Sorry.

> researching the web site
> and even went as far as to check the faults of the web service provider,

I did not even note that your hosting provider was that company. I
just looked at the HTTP headers to look at the MIME type and charset
declarations. Nothing else.

> He called my font a hack font without any proof of it.

It is really a hack. Your font assigns Sinhalese characters to Latin
letters (or some punctuations) of ISO 8859-1. It also assigns
contextual variants of the same abstract Sinhalese letters, to ISO
8859-1 codes, plus glyphs for some ligatures of multiple Sinhalese
letters to ISO 8859-1 codes, plus it reorders these glyphs so that
they no longer match the Sinhalese logicial order.

Yes this font is a hack because it pretends to be ISO 8859-1 when it
is not. It is a specific distinct encoding which is neither ISO 859-1
and neither Unicode, but something that exists in NO existing

> It has
> only characters relevant to romanized Singhala within the SBCS. Most of the
> work was in the PUA and Look-up Tables. I am reminded of Inspector Clouseau
> that has many gadgets and in the end finds himself as the culprit.

And you have invented a Inspector Guru gadget for your private use on
your site, instead of developping a TRUE separate encoding that you
SHOULD NOT name "ISO 8859-1". Try to do that, but be aware that the
ISO registry of 8-bit encodings is now frozen. You'll have to convince
the IANA registry to register your new encoding. For now it is
registered nowhere. This is a purely local creation for your site.

> I will still read and try those other things Philippe suggests, when I get
> time. What is important for me is to improve on orthography rules and add
> more Indic languages -- Devanagari and Tamil coming up.
> As for those who do not want to think rationally and think Unicode is a
> religion,

No. Unicode is a technical solution for a long problem :
interoperability of standards using open technologies. Given that you
do not want to even develop your own encoding as a registered open
standard compatible with a lot of applications (remember that all new
web standards MUST now support Unicode in at least one of its standard
UTF, you're just loosing time here)

> I can only point to my dilemma:
> Have a Happy Fourth of July!

Next time don't cite me personnaly trying to conveince others that I
have supported or said something I did not write myself. You have
interpreted my words at your convenience, but I don't want to be
associated nominatively and publicly with your personnal
interpretations. Even if I also have my own opinions, I don't want to
cite anyone else's opinions without just quoting his own sentences
(provided that these sentences were public or that I was authorized by
him to quote his sentences in other contexts).

Stop this abuse of personalities. Thanks.
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