Re: Romanized Singhala - Think about it again

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 22:34:27 +0200

Let's stop this nightmare. The "solution" that uses a font hack that
overrides the sematnics of Latin letters will never work as it should.
Th eseparation of code points is necessary, even if this is just to
show an URL containing Sinhalese letters in the domain name part (and
without alternig the semantic of the dot, slash and colon separators).
It will be inacceptable to have the "http://" prefix isolated with a
separate font just to be read correctly. from the rest of the URL.
Inacceptable also beauecause it will alter the internals of
international stadnards that are widely used. Inacceptable because
Sinhalese domain names will remain separated from the proposed

That user really has a complete misunderstanding of the standard and
severly lacks basic knowledge of the concepts. He shuld first read the
definitions to see that what is in the standard is definitely not what
he suposes by just looking at a simple basic chart (which is mostly
informative and has very littel use for technical implementations).

Reading the standard up to Chapter 3 (crequirements and convrormance)
is absolutely necesarry for him. He won't make any progress to
understand his own problems before reading it and criticizing
constantly what he has never read ffor not understanding it...

He should also read the introduction of the OpenType specifications
which also use their own definitions (wsomething he is mixing as
well). He must absolutely first understnad the character model and the
separation between what is Unicode, what is a "abstract character", a
"glyph", an encoding form, and the binary serialisation of an encoding
into a stream of bytes, plus other concepts used by common protocols
and languages such as transport syntaxes and alternate representations
using things like character entities (in SGML, XML, HTML), or
numerical escapes (e.g. in C/C++, PHP, Java, Ruby...) or string
expressions using builtin/Standard functions in Basic...)
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