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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 13:48:55 +0200

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Doug Ewell wrote:

 |For those who haven't yet had enough of this debate yet, here's a link
 |to an informative blog (with some informative comments) from Michael
 |"Every character has a story #4: U+feff (alternate title: UTF-8 is the
 |BOM, dude!)"
 |What should be interesting is that this blog dates to January 2005,
 |seven and a half years ago, and yet includes the following:
 |"But every 4-6 months another huge thread on the Unicode List gets
 |started about how bad the BOM is for UTF-8 and how it breaks UNIX tools
 |that have been around and able to support UTF-8 without change for
 |decades and about how Microsoft is evil for shipping Notepad that causes
 |all of these problems and how neither the W3C nor Unicode would have
 |ever supported a UTF-8 BOM if Microsoft did not have Notepad doing it,
 |and so on, and so on."
 |And here we are again.

Interesting, thanks for the pointer. I didn't know that.
Funny that a program that cannot handle files larger than 0x7FFF
bytes (laste time i've used it, 95B) has such a large impact.
And sorry for the noise, then.

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