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From: Philippe Verdy <>
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And those early versions of Notepad for 16/32-bit Windows were not
even Unicode compliant (the support for Unicode was minimalist, in
fact Unicode was only partly supported on top of the old ANSI/OEM
APIs; without support for the filesystem, and lots of quirks at the
kernel lelevel caused by conversions through only compatibility thunks
layer; the core memory manager was still just 16-bit, as well as
low-level OS n and BIOS interfaces; The 32-bit mode was just a DOS
extender, and there were lots of limitations compared to NT or OS/2 at
this time)
The renderer was only not capable of supporting complex scripts, and
supported just a small subset of TrueType and not OpenType.

But anyway this is not so old (Windows 98 and ME have still been sold,
shipped and supported some years after 2000). This was just 10 years
ago. And it took a lot of time to convince people (and developers) to
adopt XP (notably all gamers because most games were using their own
DOS extenders which could not work when the Windows GUI was running,
you had to return to DOS mode as they were conflicts between memory
managers and the EMM extenders, and the grpahics drivers for Windows
were not usable for games or too limited or too slow).

2012/7/18 Doug Ewell <>:
> Steven Atreju <snatreju at googlemail dot com> wrote:
>> Funny that a program that cannot handle files larger than 0x7FFF
>> bytes (laste time i've used it, 95B) has such a large impact.
> Notepad hasn't had this limitation since Windows Me. That was many, many
> years ago.
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