Re: German »Raute« (was: U+25CA LOZENGE)

From: Steven Atreju <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 12:21:44 +0200

Hi all,

Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
 |2012/8/13 Otto Stolz <>:
 |> Hello,
 |> am 2012-08-13 20:48, schrieb Leif Halvard Silli:
 |>> The word 'Raute' reminds of the Norwegian 'rute' - and my Norwegian
 |>> book on etymology assumes that 'rute' is derived from 'Raute'. The
 |>> Norwegian 'rute' may refer to a cell in a (data) table or in a square
 |>> board for chess. Such a 'rute' is of course a square. Perhaps German
 |>> 'Raute' has a similar possibility of being interpreted as square?
 |> In German, »Raute« is a synonym of »Rhombus«, i. e.
 |> an equilateral quadrilateral. Hence, every »Raute«
 |> is a »Quadrat« (square), but not vice versa.
 |> (A square has also four equal angels.)
 |* Every »Quadrat« (square) is a »Raute« (Rhombus), a Rhombus/Raute
 |being not restricted to right angles.

According to the german »Duden« ([0],[1]) a »Quadrat« has four
angles of 90 degrees, whereas a Raute is described as a
»schiefwinkliges gleichseitiges Viereck«, an «oblique-angled
equilateral parallelogram».
Of course ,

 |* Every »Raute« (Rhombus) is also a lozenge,[.]

And i would think that the other way is the more common one, i.e,
Rhombus (Raute), because the geometrical form is »rhombisch« and
it forms a »Rhomboid«.



Yes, germans; but i wouldn't count Btx since noone had it anyway..
That reminded me of the then minister of post Schwarz-Schilling,
related by marriage to Sonnenschein batteries, and i always
wondered why a small company without much research could gain lots
of orders from major companies like Volkswagen.. But that ended
in 1992 once he resigned, too.
Unfortunately shows a big relationship in between
Raute/rhomb and Doppelkreuz/hash.
I don't know if that means much though. Just one more vespiary.
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