Re: Apostrophe, and DIN keyboard

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 23:23:59 +0300

2012-08-14 22:56, Robert Wheelock wrote:

> The _tonos_ (overtick) is a STRAIGHT 90º accent mark, whereas the
> _oxeia_ (acute) is usually slanted at 45º.

It is somewhat tragicomic that you make the mistake of using masculine
ordinal indicator U+00BA in place of the degree sign U+00B0, when making
a point on other distinctions that are often missed. And I’m afraid your
description of the difference is somewhat exaggerated.

Anyway, the tonos, the oxia (oxeia), and the acute accent have been
unified, and it’s too late to change this. The distinction between them
is, within the Unicode context, a stylistic issue. You can try to make
rendering software vary the shape of this diacritic by the script of the
base character, or by the language of the text. But you cannot make it a
character-level difference.

In practice, fonts often have a different diacritic in e.g. e with acute
accent (é) than in alpha with tonos (ά), even though both have canonical
decompositions with U+0301 combining acute accent. So the difference can
be made at the font level.

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