Re: Searching data: map countries to scripts

From: Manuel Strehl <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 15:53:25 +0200

> This might not work too well, since the ISO 15924 code elements you're
> thinking of are "Hira" and "Kana".

This awkward moment... I'm trying to figure out, what I was thinking
of with "Hana".

>> Of course, the mapping must be sensible in a way, that is, explain,
>> how the mapping is done. I'd be fine, I guess, with having all
>> official languages and important historic ones respected (disputable
>> cases, where larger minority languages are suppressed, may exist of
>> course).
> You've sort of defined your own problem: how to decide when minority usage
> of a script within a country is "significant" or "important" or "sensible."
> Remember, too, that "official languages" may not be what you expect;
> English, for example, is not defined as an official language in the US, UK,
> Australia, or New Zealand.

Yeah, that's practically a part of my problem. If I had a list of
country -> language maps and a list of language -> script maps, I
could work my way from there, but at the moment I have neither. (At
least in a program-digestible way. Figuring out the language -> script
part would be the easier task here, I guess.)
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