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On 8/23/2012 3:04 PM, Jameson Quinn wrote:
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> I think it would be highly instructive if Jameson were able to
> make a proposal purely based on modern use of these digits, with
> the proper citations and examples. In my take, it would not
> require the support or consent from the ALMG or other Mayan
> scholars, because it really isn't about the script as such.
> Thank you.
> I can take up this task — but not without guidance.
> 1. What codepoints should I use? I think that it's appropriate to use
> the first 20 places of the block set aside for Mayan hieroglyphs, for
> reasons I've stated before. But if others have other suggestions, I'd
> like to hear them.

I would leave this open. Code points are chosen by the committee, except
that the committee accepts recommendations. Those are optional.

You might discuss pros and cons of placing these near the ancient symbols.
> 2. What should I call the proposed characters? Should I include an
> adjective like "MODERN" or "SIMPLIFIED" in all the names?

Either one would be fine. Expect feedback from the committee no matter
what you choose.

"Simplified", if they are really simplified graphically, would be nice
because "modern" is a term that applies only right now. In some distant
future, they may no longer be "modern".

The proposal can be titled "...for modern use" because it's a dated

> ... I'm sure I'll think of more questions, but these are the first two
> which occur to me.(I also would welcome anyone with experience who
> wanted to help me; feel free to write me separately.)

Given the issues involved, absolutely required would be

3. Samples of this modern use (the more, the better)

4. Documentary evidence substantiating your claim of their extensive use
in elementary education

5. Ideally, if the modern use is in any way different from the way they
are used in ancient Mayan texts, including the layout, as well as
glyphs, you would be able to describe why these modern representations
really amount to something that, while inspired by Mayan digits, isn't
100% the same thing as the ancient digits, and cannot be.

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