Developing a Manday ASDF keyboard layout

From: Robert Wheelock <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 21:24:28 -0400


I came up with a plan for a quasiphonetic (ASDF, QWERTY) keyboard layout
for typing in the Manday language and script. This new layout is based on
the Fontboard Hebrew For Windows layout, albeit with only 22 letters and
fewer accent marks. It will go like this:

<q> 0852 QA <w> 0856 ADU <e> 084F EN <r> 0853 RA <t> 0855 TA <y> 0857
AKEDI <u> 0845 USHENNA <i> 0849 IKSA
<o> 0858 AYN <p> 0850 PA
<a> 0840 HALQA <s> 084E SA <d> 0843 DA <f> 0848 TTA <g> 0842 GA <h>
0844 HA <j> 0854 SHA <k> 084A KA <l> 084B LA
<z> 0846 ZA <x> 0847 HHA <c> 0851 SSA <v> 085F *kashidah* (connector)
 <b> 0841 BA <n> 084D NA <m> 084C MA
|<| (<SHIFT>,) 085D *Manday comma* (small bullseye) |>| (<SHIFT>.)
085E *Manday
period* (large bullseye) |"| (<SHIFT>') 085B *Manday daghesh* (underdot)
 |~| (<SHIFT>`) 085A *Manday vocalizer* (underbar) |_| (<SHIFT>-) 0859 *Manday
rafeh* (underumlaut)
|\| the sequence of 084B + 0840 LA-HALQA

Please inform me of what you’d think of this new layout. Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
International Symbolism Research Institute
Augusta, ME U.S.A.
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