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Although slightly on a different tangent, mention MUST be made about the
transcription of Indic languages into Hebrew script (a very rare area of
linguistic studies)—inhabitants in Israel and Palestine MUST use some
system (or another) to render Indic words/names into the Hebrew alphabet...
 A while back, I came up with a more acceptable system to Hebraize the
words and names appearing in Indic languages:

 1. Each Indic vowel is TRANSCRIBED with its CLOSEST corresponding Hebrew
vowel point (which is superimposed on ANY Hebrew consonant letter).

 2. Certain Indic consonants are TRANSCRIBED as follows: Ṅ /ŋ/ = ע׳ ; Č
/tʃ/ = צ׳ ; J̌ /dʒ/ = ג׳ ; Ñ /ɲ/ = נﬞ ; V̇ /ʋ/ = ו (while W /w/ is ו׳) ; Ś
/ᶋ/ = שׂ ; and Š /ʃ/ is equivalent to שׁ.

 3. The ASPIRATES in Indo-Hebraic are composed similarly to what they are
in Urdu (which uses Arabic script): These are composed as digraphs
consisting of a tenue letter followed by a *heʾ* (כּה, גּה, תּה, דּה, פּה,
בּה, ... ); the vowel point(s) MUST be superimposed on the *heʾ* of these

 4. The RETROFLEX consonant series gets denoted by their closest
DENTAL/APICAL counterpart letters—followed by a *garshem* (single
right-prime sign) (תּ׳, תּ׳ה, דּ׳, דּ׳ה, נ׳, ל׳, ר׳, ר׳ה).

 5. The ALVEOLAR consonant series for the Dravidian languages are denoted
by their closest DENTAL/APICAL counterpart letters—followed by a
*gershemin* (double
right-prime sign) (תּ״, דּ״, נ״, ל״, ר״).

 6. Additional consonants appearing in loanwords/loannames/neologisms are
written with their usual extended Hebrew spellings.

According to the Indo-Hebraic scheme, the Sanskrit/Hindi/Urdu phonemic
table would look like THIS:

אַ אָ אִ אִי אֻ אוּ אֽר אֽרֽ אֽל אֽלֽ אֵ
 אֶ אֵי אַי אָֽ אֹ אוֹ אַו
כּ כּה גּ גּה ע׳
צ׳ צ׳ה ג׳ ג׳ה נﬞ
תּ׳ תּ׳ה דּ׳ דּ׳ה נ׳
תּ תּה דּ דּה נ
פּ פּה בּ בּה מ
י ר ל ל׳ ו
שׂ שׁ ס ה

א ע ק חֿ קֿ עֿ תֿ ז ז׳ ט ר׳ ר׳ה תּ״
 דּ״ דֿ נ״ פֿ בֿ יֿ ר״ ל״ טֿ וֿ צ ח

short vowels/long vowels/syllabic vocalic resonants/*chandra*
VELAR consonants
PALATAL consonants
RETROFLEX consonants
DENTAL consonants
LABIAL consonants
RESONANT consonants
SIBILANT consonants
additional consonants for spelling loanwords/loannames/neologisms into

Indo-Hebraic was created to equate the Indic scripts to the Hebrew abjad
script as close to a 1:1 ratio as is historically feasible, while taking
into account the similarities and differences between the Indic and Hebrew

Thank You! Shalom ʿAlekhem!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
International Symbolism Research Institute
Augusta, ME U.S.A.
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