Re: VS: Mayan numerals

From: Marion Gunn <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:49:38 +0100

Only national bodies with a vote on ISO/IEC 10646 can decide for or
against Mr Quinn's formal proposal.

I mentioned a scarf decorated with place-names I understood to be a gift
symbolic of inter-country cooperation in CEN and ISO. Unicode is not a

I wish that the large companies which set it up, some of which exercise
more power than many of the countries eligible to vote on such matters
had no operatives bent on influencing national votes, but would take a
step back and allow simple inter-country cooperation to operate without
such pressure, as CEN and ISO were set up to do, to the benefit of all,
whereby even such companies as have no faith in the wisdom of native
communities to know what is best for their world today would benefit.

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