Re: problem with combining diacritcs in HTML5

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 22:28:10 +0300

2012-10-07 11:51, Michael Everson wrote:

>> The issue is not limited to textareas but appears in normal text
too, when the font is set to Courier New. You can also see the problem
in Microsoft Word, for example, when using that font. The point is that
this is a font problem, and you can see it in textareas because they
typically have Courier New as the default font.
> There's always Everson Mono. :-)

I know. I mentioned it in the CSS code example. I did not mention
(explicitly) that if someone wants to use combining diacritics in a
monospace font in HTML, then there seems to be about one font that could
be used as a downloadable font (web font) via @font-face. That would be
FreeMono, from FreeMono, because it has the most common combining marks
correctly implemented (as far as I can see) and it is free. Itís about
340 kilobytes, which is a tolerable size for a downloadable font. (If
you use just the regular typeface. It also has oblique and bold typeface.)

Of course FreeMono is no match for Everson Mono in character coverage,
but we donít always need all of BMP, or even close. :-)

As discussed, monospace fonts are not often needed Ė they are
conventionally used for computer code and for some other purposes, but
the common web browser default of using a monospace font in a textarea
should quite often be overridden.

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