Re: texteditors that can process and save in different encodings

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 19:27:51 -0600

Stephan Stiller wrote:

> Ideal would be an editor that gives me previews in an easy-to-use
> encoding selection menu that in addition highlights fully or almost-
> compatible encodings, highlights (after loading) positions in the file
> that don't conform to the requested encoding (and lets me choose how
> to handle them), and knows different versions of encodings.

I once tried an editor that had something like this, but it was
otherwise so unsuitable that I don't even remember its name any more.

> As some codepages had minor additions or corrections in later
> versions, it'd be useful to have an editor that offers the choice to
> access earlier versions of encodings - this is clearly specialist
> usage but the knowledge exists.

Most character sets change very little, at least in terms of repertoire,
and the changes are almost always limited to adding new characters. A
feature to access earlier versions of encodings would probably have only
the effect of disallowing characters that were added in later versions,
replacing them with question marks or U+001A. Even for character-set
wonks like us, it's hard to see that being useful in a practical sense.

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