Greek astrology

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The first sign (ascendant or horoscope) is common enough I believe, and I attach a small portion of a most valuable (10th century ?) Syriac manuscript (photographed in UV light), a palimpsest, where the inferior text is Greek. There is clearly a list of 'values' for this ascendant (16,15,14...), but I cannot make out the rest of the lines. When such material is transcribed people (as Neugebauer, Greek Horoscopes) just use H, or some other conventional sign to indicate the horoscope, but it would be nice if the ancient sign were encoded. For the transcription I made a horoscope sign using Paint, and used an ad hoc uncial script (non Unicode) for the Greek, with sigma instead of stigma. All this shows the problems of making a faithful transcription of ancient texts.

Raymond Mercier
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  Is there evidence that these have been used consistently, on most charts of the time? These could be ad-hoc notations (as given the contemporary praxis, ligation per se does not make a "symbol").

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