Re: Caret

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 23:05:21 +0100

2012/11/12 Asmus Freytag <>

> Khaled, don't mind Philippe - his experience is a bit on the
> "theoretical" end.

Exactly the opposite, it was just targetting the common "practical" cases
encountered most frequently by most users, ignoring the individual needs of
Khaled in specific situations (and notably the situations that programmers
need to take into account for building a usable GUI) :

Most users won't care about this technical effort, that YOU (a programmer
of GUI interfaces will encounter), they just have expectations for the text
to be entered easilyin the softwares they use, for their own languages in
their normal orthographic rules where "latinARABIC" and "ARABIClatin" cases
are effectively very infrequent this is asserted in IDNA for example).

They will just want the unnecessary complication of their GUI interface to
occur when they are NOT trying to enter these very infrequent cases in very
specific situations that they certainly don't use every day ; and for the
rest they will assume immediately that weaker-direction characters will
loose in favor of stronger-direction characters to determine the behavior
that the editor will perform when they type something : two positions for
the caret creates an unnecessary and perturbating interface that does not
help reading (you would need to focus on two eye-catching positions, which
you can't perform instantly, ONLY if this is really necessary, but NOT
everytime because users will start ignoring constantly this information: as
a general rule, displaying too much unnecessary information kills the
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