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From: George W Gerrity <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 23:51:16 +1100

On 2012-11-12, at 22:33, QSJN 4 UKR wrote:

> I have a little advice ...
> Red e with green acute is more informative and comprehensible picture!
> It is very clear mnemonic: a red character before the current position
> and a green character after them. The direction is always from red to
> green. If you can't use colors: render all the text to frame0, the
> "red" character to frame1, the "green" character to frame2, on timer
> show frame0, frame0 xor frame1, frame0 xor frame2. It is blinking :)
> And one more thing. "Red" and "green" characters have to became
> visible ever (e.g. if it is a control character, blank (no visible
> edges is no good), soft hyphen, virama).

Red and Green are NOT good colours to use, since the most common form of colour blindness (from memory, 7% of the male population, 0.3% of the female population) is red-green confusion, and the two cursors will appear as slightly different brightnesses of the same colour. The next most common (quite rare!) is blue-yellow confusion, and the least common is total colour blindness. Yellow is always a bad colour to choose, because it cannot be seen easily against a white background, so if you wish to use a colour queue, you are limited to red and blue. A better choice is cursors of either distinct shape or different thickness.

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