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From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 03:04:16 +0100

Opera is most frequently used now in embedded devices, and it is most often
not updatable there in their firmware (difficult to convince appliance
manufacturers like those that build HDTV sets to update their firmware for
their embedding of Opera, they promote their support of the web, but the
web browser embedded in their firmwares is often very limited and

Affected devices are from famous brands (at least Philips and Samsung), and
manufacturers of set top boxes (notably for cable and ADSL multiplay
"boxes" provided by various ISP and that feature a TV decoder with menus
for VOD services and web services; users often cannot replace this "box"
for another standard DSL or cable router, without loosing access to TV
offers and telephony).

Smartphone and tablet users today use most frequently Apple iOS or Android
devices, both use Webkit for the rendering and their embedded browsers and
"application" libraries support this interpretation of 0x81 in cp1252 from
the web as U+0081. I've not seen for now any "Surface" tablet in action,
and not tested Windows Phone devices. It would be interesting though to
test some other "cheap" mobile OSes from Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and
Huawey as more and more people are using mobile devices instead of
traditional desktops or notebooks (most netbooks are featured today with
Android OS, except iPads and the new coming Surface).

2012/11/27 Buck Golemon <>

> I've compiled cross-browser data on the question of how to cp1252 decodes
> the byte 0x81.
> In summary, all browsers agree that it decodes to U+81. Opera initially
> thought it was undefined, but changed their mind in version 12 (the current
> version).
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