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From: Leif Halvard Silli <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 04:41:35 +0100

Philippe Verdy, Wed, 28 Nov 2012 04:23:10 +0100:
> 2012/11/28 Leif Halvard Silli <>
>> For
>> a new version of the validator, that ask more of those questions,
>> please try - it happens to for the most
>> part be developed by one of the Firefox developers, btw. And it allows
>> you to check XHTML1-syntax as well (but only if you serve it as XHTML -
>> if you serve it as HTML, then it validates it as HTML.)
> This "new" validator is not the one promoted and supported. I use the
> "Unicorn" validator that checks all W2C supported markup languages
> (including HTML5).

The "nu" validator is good if you are interested in the questions I
mentioned above.

>> Please note that prolog is one thing, and the DOCTYPE is another, see
>> XML 1.0:
> Yes I know the terminolgy, but it's evident that I'm including the document
> declaration as part of the "prolog" (i.e. everything that is not comment
> and that appears before the root element)

It is just as confusing as ever that you continue to insist on your

>>> The absence of the HTML5 required prolog (in its standard basic-SGML
>>> profile), or the presence of another incompatible XML prolog is
>>> enough to make the distinction between the two syntaxes.
>> You mean: Visually? Yes. However, that is not how parsers think. What
>> parsers normally do is that they look at the Content-Type "flag",
>> before they decide how to parse the document.
> True, but then when the HTML5 parser

The "HTML5 parser" is just the one and only (updated) HTML parser.

> detects a violation of the required
> extended "prolog" (sorry, the HTML5 document declaration, which is not a
> valid "document declaration" for XHTML or for HTML4 or before or even for
> SGML, due to the unspecified schema after the shema short name), it should
> catch this exception to try another parser.

There is no spec, that I am aware of, that says that it should do that.

leif halvard silli
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