Re: Why 17 planes?

From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:14:06 +0000 (GMT)

Doug Ewell <> wrote:
> It is perhaps a tribute of some sort to the elegance of Unicode/10646 that people seem to want to use it to encode things that are so desperately far out of its scope.
That is, if I may say so, an excellent way of putting it.
For example, there is my research on communication through the language barrier. The research is only at an early stage at the time of writing this post, yet I am hoping that people will want to develop the ideas in the research into becoming a practical, useful system that is widely used. The research uses plane 0 Private Use Area codes for encoding items that are probably outside of the present scope of what Unicode/10646 encodes. For a developed system to become part of the information technology facilities that are widely available to end users, I feel that unique plain text encodings as if the items were Unicode/10646 characters will be needed.
At present, the research is using 176 plane 0 Private Use Area code points to encode the items that have thus far been encoded.
A developed system could use many more code points, the number of code points used enlarging as particular application areas of communication through the language barrier are added to the system.
Here is a link to some items about the research in case readers are interested.
William Overington
28 November 2012
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