Re: Old Cyrillic Yest

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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:57:34 +0200

2012/11/23 Doug Ewell <>

> How many truly different letters, old and new, are we talking about? On
> November 12 you wrote, "UKRAINIAN IE and BROAD YEST is the same letter in
> fact." It would not make sense to assign a new BROAD YEST letter if it is
> really the same as UKRAINIAN IE, and if existing texts already use
> UKRAINIAN IE to represent it.

Yes, maybe, probably. Truly different glyph is the NARROW YEST. Truly
special character name has the BROAD YES, YAKORNOYE YEST, while the NARROW
as well as the modern UKRAINIAN є is just IE or YEST. Well, I don't know,
would you please read the Wikipedia or something: (N. B. There is only one source
reference in Wiki article. Dark night!).
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