Re: Request for Review: draft-slevinski-signwriting-text

From: Steve Slevinski <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 08:38:42 -0600

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for the comments.

On 11/30/12 12:22 AM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> >From basic analysis, the posted IETF draft has nothing to do with
> Unicode encoding. However it remains related to it, because it
> presents the relations between the characters that are to be encoded
> in the UCS, and their additional properties within the focus of their
> classification and behavior within the script.

It was suggested to post to the Unicode list, not because it is
partially related to N4394, but because it is a character encoding and I
introduce several code character sets which I will need to register with
the IANA.

I agree this is off topic for the Unicode list. A 2-dimensional
logogram described with a mathematical name using 2-dimensional
characters is outside of Unicode's charter. Regardless, the
international community deserves a stable standard that addresses the
ownership of ideas and licensing. An RFC through the IETF is part of
that standard. Even though the document is categorized as
Informational, the standard will one day meet the requirements of an IS
for the IETF.

Off-topic for Unicode, but an on-topic for SignWriting Text is
summarized on about two pages.

Here's the table of contents.

The mathematical name of a 2-dimensional logographic sign is a plain
text string of characters. This encoding model makes explicit those
features which can be effectively and efficiently processed. Formal
languages and regular expressions are used to solve fundamental problems.

The mathematical names have been stable since Jan 12, 2012.

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