Unicode Stability Policies Updated

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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 13:08:33 -0800

The Unicode Character Encoding Stability Policies ensure that developers
know what they can depend on between successive releases of the Unicode

Recent changes to these policies include new guarantees:

    * Property aliases will not be reused later for different properties.
    * Property value aliases will not be reused later for different
      property values.
    * Characters with the General_Category of Number are guaranteed to
      have a corresponding Numeric_Type value.

Additionally, the wording for two earlier guarantees about
General_Category and Bidi_Class have been clarified:

    * No new General_Category property values will ever be added.
    * New Bidi_Class property values can only be added for a tightly
      constrained class of new character additions.

For the exact wording of these new and updated guarantees, see Unicode
Character Encoding Stability Policies

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