Re: A few questions about encoding discovery, copying text, and pasting text in one encoding into text in another encoding

From: Leslie Turriff <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:36:10 -0600

On Wednesday 19 December 2012 14:12:42 Philippe Verdy wrote:
> Now the user pastes the same text in application B working in another
> legacy encoding B. The system clipboard could automatically convert from A
> to Unicode but could fail to convert it once again from Unicode to B. For
> this reason the Clipboard would expose to application B a prefered
> clipboard text format in Unicode, and another text format in encoding B. It
> will be to the application B to determine ig it can handle the prefered
> (advenced) format U and convert it itself, or drop that propose format and
> pick the basic format based on B (i.e. the native encoding used by that
> legacy application B). If application B cannot support Unicode at all, it
> will just query the Clipboard adking it to restrict the formats to only
> those that application B undestands, so the format U will not even be
> exposed and pickable by application B. The same situation will occur when
> the user copies from application U to application A.

        However, if application B is truly a legacy application it might be old
enough that it has never heard of Unicode, so does not provide the clipboard
with preference information. In that case, the clipboard will provide it in
whatever is its default encoding (presumably based on locale information,

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