Re: holes (unassigned code points) in the code charts

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2013 05:32:35 -0800

> There's no distinction between "holes" and other unassigned characters.
Good to know. This might be important knowledge for people using block
ranges loosely for algorithms that deal with Unicode text.

>> 2.2 If yes, how does the number of assigned code points differ, if
>> holes that are assumed to be filled only by certain types of
>> characters are counted?
> ???

Occasionally the question is asked how many characters Unicode has. This
question has an answer in section D.1 of the Unicode Standard. I
suspect, however, that once in a while the motivation for asking this
question is to find out how much of Unicode has been "used up". As
filling in holes would be dispreferred, it might be interesting to know
how much of Unicode has been filled if one counts partially filled
blocks as full. I have no reason to disagree with the (stated and
reiterated) opinion that our codespace won't be used up in the
foreseeable future, but it's simply a fun question to ask.

> Unicode doesn't make mistakes. :)
Maybe I should change my legal name to "Unicode".

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