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From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 01:33:09 +0200

2013-01-11 1:04, Elbrecht wrote:

> the URL is:

Well, the *URL* is

(I really thought it was just a local filename when I saw your first email.)

> problem is, there isn't any context in the book itself -
> just an erractic character on the hardcover:

That is,

But this still isn’t much, and in the original email you wrote…

>>> On title of a 1932/33 book on the "Principle of Contradiction" -
>>> a mathematical/logical character in use for book printing???

… so the real title is different, and we still don’t know the author.

In any case, if the symbol *only* appears in the title page of the book,
not in the textual content, it is fair to classify it as a graphic
rather than a character – whatever it might mean.

The page (which isn’t
particularly convincing or otherwise important) refers to the LaTeX
Symbol List
which describes, in clause “3 Mathematical Symbols”, some notations used
for contradiction. None of them resembles much the symbol in the image.
What comes closest is \blitza, but it’s still rather different, and
there is no information of what it might be in Unicode terms.

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