Re: OT: Need howto info for typing accented chars on US keyboard in Linux

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 20:07:13 +0100

2013/1/13 Leslie Turriff <>

> I just found that out with regards to LibreOffice; and so far I
> haven't found
> anything in their docs that mentions it.
> I have successfully used the xmodmap method to map box characters
> onto the
> numeric keypad (which I otherwise don't use)

You don't use it only because digits do not need to be shifted (or
capslocked) on your keyboard layout. French users hate using keyboards
without keypads (and an external USB keypad is sold in many places for use
with small notebooks or ultrabooks that don't have this keypad).

> but they don't have that effect
> in LibreOffice, and their docs interface seems to only cover remapping of
> non-glyph keys. Using the compose or deadkey methods for this purpose is
> not
> much faster than cut&paste from kcharselect. :-)

Using a char selector is MUCH slower than using a dead key on most keyboard
layouts. I won't discuss the case of Compose keys that are quite ugly to
type (and remember) and definitely slower. Dead keys used on usual layouts
are good for most frequently used characters (but here again the default
French keyboard layout is still incomplete : we have a key for the $ or the
, but no dead key for the acute accent by default, even though we have
AltGr+7 for the grave accent and AltGr+1 is always free (this is where I've
placed my acute dead key, which I need to type capitals like as
<AltGr+1,Shift+E> ; I don't need any Compose key which would not be faster
anyway as it would be <Compose,Shift+E,some other key>).
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