RLI and "bdi", and how to get an update of changes

From: James Lin <James_Lin_at_symantec.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 15:18:58 -0800

>I have 2 fundamental questions.
>HTML5 supports isolation tag "bdi", what does that different from the RLI
>U+2067/PDF U+2068? if it is the same, can we use U+2066 in HTML replacing
>Also, from the programming point of view that do not use ICU(such as
>.NET, Perl, Java), how can we utilize the code point of RLI/LRI FSI in
>the string table when we need to isolate RTL strings verse LTR strings in
>a single text? which lead to the next questions, I guess what i am
>confused is, from the changes of tr9-28 or any future changes, how can
>unicode applilcations, or programs that is written in Unicode, gets the
>update from Unicode Consortium? besides CLDR/ICU, how does the changes
>apply to application that is written in Unicode using .NET, Perl,
>Thanks again.
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