Standalone tennis ball symbol

From: Andrés Sanhueza <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:15:41 -0300

As part of Emoji, there are a number of sport ball encoded as characters,
and some awkward stuff like "TENNIS RACQUET AND BALL" (U+1F3BE). Although
the later is displayed in some places as an standalone tennis ball symbol,
I believe that an actual "tennis ball" character may be good. I'm not very
fan of sports, but I have seen it used a lot in real-time notation of
serves in scoreboards, particularly on TV and websites. In more primitive
stuff is replaced by a big asterisk (which I'm not sure which is the proper
character to use either, but that's another issue). Not sure if it applies
to other sports, but is the only one I remember such a symbol used.
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