Re: End of story character

From: Leo Broukhis <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 16:17:39 -0800


has various glyphs depending on the font. I see either an 8-pointed
star with ETX inside, or a lower right corner.
This seems to fit your request well.

From what I've seen in various publications, commonly ∎ U+220E END OF
PROOF or a similar square-like glyph is used for that purpose.

My personal favorite, though, is ៚ U+17DA KHMER SIGN KOOMUUT


On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 3:05 PM, Andrés Sanhueza
<> wrote:
> Do you think that a "end of story" symbol may be feasible/useful?
> Traditionally (or at least from what I read, as down here I have never seen
> it) many newspapers used a "–30–" sequence to represent the end of the
> article, but I've seen a lot of times that custom symbols for each
> publication are used, so a single code point may simplify the procedures to
> include a unambiguous end of article symbol, since only the glyph is
> variable. It may cause some kind of "semantic" overload, through, which
> generally is not how Unicode works. I'm not even sure of how it may look by
> default.
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