Re: Long-term archiving of electronic text documents

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 07:24:34 -0800

On 1/28/2013 5:12 AM, Martinho Fernandes wrote:
>> Similarly, there could be a type of pdf document where the text within the pdf document were stored in UTF-64 format.
> FWIW, there is already a PDF variant designed for long-term archiving
> known as PDF/A. You may want to look into that.

Good point. Also, note that each new format that is introduced,
especially on the character code level, means adding a circle to the big
Venn diagram - dividing ALL tools into a huge number of those that
cannot handle the format and an initially minuscule number that can.

The small spot in the diagram reserved for tools that can handle ALL
formats (or at least those desired for archiving) will correspondingly

As a result, instead of improving the activation of electronic text
documents you've found a way to make this less reliable - any given
combination of recovery tool and format may not work, and the more
combinations there are, the lower the probability of success.

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