Re: Long-term archiving of electronic text documents

From: Jim Breen <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 10:51:48 +1100

William_J_G Overington <> wrote:

> The idea is that there would be an additional UTF format, perhaps UTF-64,
> so that each character would be expressed in UTF-64 notation using 64 bits,
> thus providing error checking and correction facilities at a character level.

Error detection and correction at the character level is considered
very old-fashioned now. Modern techniques such as Reed-Solomon
codes[1] are much more effective and involve much less overhead
than the 100% in the proposal above. Such techniques are already
used in modern disc storage[2], and when combined with RAID
techniques[3] provide better data protection than character-level
redundancy ever would.

In any case, I think issues of error detection and correction are
quite outside the scope of Unicode.




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