RE: pIqaD in actual use

From: Whistler, Ken <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 23:29:31 +0000

> ... the first language course written in pIqaD
> and approved by CBS and Marc Okrand. It was translated by Jonathan
> Brown and Okrand and uses the Hol-pIqaD TrueType font.
> That should help at least some of the pIqaD in real use problems,
> though not the OMG! Klingon problems.

Indeed. Although I am still a little worried about the "approved by CBS [Television Studios]". But maybe in a few more years, Hol-pIqaD and the like will have been taken so far into the public domain by the user community that nobody will care any more about the "that stuff has an exclusive license and you have to pay us for it" problem.

In the meantime, the store offers some hilarious examples of the dangers of indiscriminate use of web template pages.

"Lots of people have difficulty learning languages. Why? Most have been put off at school, don't have time to learn, or think they are too lazy to do it."

"Talk Now! Klingon answer these problems:"

"It lifts the language off the page. There are no dull exercises; just encouraging games that award you points for progress."

Hmm.... I can just envision this...

Lock on phasers! Engage! And if you die in battle you gain honor points and go to Sto-Vo-Kor!

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