New FAQ on Private-use Characters, Noncharacters and Sentinels

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Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 12:53:01 -0800

A new FAQ page <> devoted to
the topic of private-use characters, noncharacters, and sentinels has
been posted on the Unicode web site. This FAQ aims to clear up confusion
about whether noncharacters are permitted in Unicode text, and how they
differ from ordinary private-use characters. The recently published
Corrigendum #9: Clarification About Noncharacters
<> makes it clear that
noncharacters are permitted even in interchange, and the new FAQ page
addresses some of the fine points about their usage and about
differences from other types of Unicode code points. The brief mentions
of noncharacters in other FAQ pages have also been updated accordingly.

Are you unclear about what Unicode "noncharacters" even are? The new FAQ
page also answers basic questions about noncharacters and private-use
characters, and provides a bit of history about how they came to be part
of the Unicode Standard.

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