extended/tailored grapheme cluster implementation.

From: Ngwe Tun <ngwestar_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 20:51:13 +0630

Dear List,

I would like to ask about extended/tailored grapheme clusters
implementation. In Burmese, our smallest unit of grapheme cluster is
syllable level. I found some expression in UAX #29,

Grapheme clusters can be tailored to meet further requirements. Such
> tailoring is permitted, but the possible rules are outside of the scope of
> this document. One example of such a tailoring would be for the *aksaras*,
> or*orthographic syllables*, used in many Indic scripts. Aksaras usually
> consist of a consonant, sometimes with an inherent vowel and sometimes
> followed by an explicit, dependent vowel whose rendering may end up on any
> side of the consonant letter base. Extended grapheme clusters include such
> simple combinations.

Are there any tailoring in any software. Can we implement with
Rendering/Shaping Engine or any other software?

Myanmar Syllable can be formed by Consonant/Independent Vowel + [Medial] +
[Vowel] + [(Cons) (Asat)] + [Tone] + {[Virama] + [Consonant] + [Medial] +
[...] is optional.
{...] n times

looking forward your feedback.


Ngwe Tun

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