Complex script support on mobile devices

From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 12:52:41 +0700

Anyone know of a web page or resource which lists the level of support
for complex scripts on various mobile devices?

I'd like to know things like:
* Which "smart" phones and tablets have complex script rendering
support - and for which scripts?
* Is that support available system wide or only in the web browser?
* Font support for various scripts (installed or easily dowloaded)
* Input method support for different languages/scripts.
* Can a user install additional fonts without "jailbreaking" the device?
* Can a user install additional input methods without "jailbreaking" the device?

From what I can gather:

Apart from a handful of mobile devices running Linux, iPhone and iPad
currently seem to have the best level of complex script support.
Unfortunately these devices are very expensive for many users in
countries that use languages written in a complex script. Outside of
the web browser, support for complex script rendering on most Android
devices is very poor (there are some exceptions e.g. Sony-Ericson MT &
ST series phones). Windows phone 8 appears to have decent complex
script rendering support - but seems to lack fonts and input methods
for many languages/ scripts).

A few "dumb" handsets and feature phones seem to have have better
support for complex scripts than "smart" phones costing several times
the price.

 - Chris
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