Shaping Hangul text with U+115F and/or U+1160

From: Konstantin Ritt <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 02:56:07 +0200

Forgot to add the topis the first time, re-posting. Sorry for inconvenience.


2013/3/18 Konstantin Ritt <>:
> Hi list,
> The user reports Korean text rendering issue with any modern Hangul
> font when U+115F and U+1160 are handled like default_ignorable code
> points.
> [quote]With input string "U+115F U+1161 U+112B U+1160", we get three
> zero-width glyphs instead of two; this is wrong.[/quote]
> I did check some Hangul font and found that either U+115F or U+1160
> zero-advances, not both. When handling them like default ignorable,
> the rendered text seems to lack some advancing.
> Since I know nothing about Korean typography, I'd like to ask here:
> what is the reason for U+115F and U+1160 to be default ignorables and
> shouldn't that be revised?
> regards,
> Konstantin
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