Re: Shaping Hangul text with U+115F and/or U+1160

From: Richard Wordingham <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 18:17:06 +0000

On Mon, 18 Mar 2013 08:32:03 +0100
Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

> The "Default ignorable" property has nothing to do with rendering or
> being zero-width, it's just a matter of collation (comparing strings
> for similarity, for plain-text searches, or sorting them), it does not
> necesarily mean that the character is zero-width (that's a rendering
> property).

"Default ignorable" is all about display and has nothing to do with
collation. Perhaps you are confusing it with "completely ignorable".
Completely ignorable characters are not completely ignorable; they can
disrupt contractions.

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