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From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 09:48:23 +0100 (BST)

On Saturday 6 April 2013, Shriramana Sharma <> wrote:
> By "absence of keyboard" I suppose you mean something like a handheld mobile device. Even those devices can support character maps although I'm not sure of whether such apps do exist. (Given that the OS of most of these devices is locked out-of-the-box, one is limited by the supplied fonts too.)
Thank you for replying.
Thinking about your post I began to think that it would be good if it were possible to scan a QR code of a character and then, if the font being used in the mobile device did not have a glyph for that character, that the font could become updated by accessing the glyph from a cloud-based glyph supplying facility.
I then thought that maybe there could be a QR code for each of the language localization codes and that if one of those QR codes were scanned using a mobile device then the font in the mobile device would become updated so as to add in all of the glyphs necessary for displaying text in that language.
If this were possible, then it would often be possible to scan two QR codes of language localization codes so as to add in the glyphs needed to display two languages and by scanning QR codes of some individual characters to add in glyphs for some selected symbols as well, such as a glyph for HOT BEVERAGE. I have used the word often in the previous sentence as some languages use so many glyphs that adding them all in to a font in a mobile device might not be possible, though a core set could be added and glyphs for a few exra individual characters could be added in one by one as needed.
William Overington
9 April 2013
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