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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 10:44:33 +0100 (BST)

On Monday 15 April 2013, <> wrote:
> This change has been made to increase public involvement in the ongoing deliberations of the UTC in its work developing and maintaining the Unicode Standard and other related standards and reports.
On a point of order.
I refer to a document entitled How to Submit Proposal Documents.
There is a section headed as Rejected Documents, which starts as follows.
The Unicode Consortium may decline to accept, and may remove from the registry, any document that is found to be inappropriate or out of scope.
end quote
Suppose that a member of the public sends a document that seeks discussion by the Unicode Technical Committee about whether the scope of what Unicode encodes should be extended in some particular regard, with the member of the public writing about why he or she considers that such an extension of the scope of Unicode could usefully be implemented.
Will such a document be rejected by the secretariat without being added to the registry and with no opportunity for the Unicode Technical Committee, in a committee meeting, to consider the contents of the document?
The question is posed generally as a point of order.
I do have two particular reasons for asking.
1. The rule of widespread prior usage being necessary (except for new currency symbols).
With modern electronic media and communication, prior usage would imply lots of Private Use Area legacy data becoming produced before formal registration is considered. There are reasons for caution in adding new characters, yet should there be some flexibility so as to encourage individual artists to produce designs, such as symbols to help people and such as new emoji, that could be of interest and could become available in fonts?
2. My research.
There is a document entitled locse027_four_simulations.pdf available from the following forum post.
I would like to place before the Unicode Technical Committee a document that I am drafting that is 3 pages of A4 in length that seeks to make the case for expanding the scope of Unicode so that my invention could become implemented as I think that encoding such items is probably outside of the present scope of Unicode yet I suggest that allowing such encoding could be a useful development of Unicode.
Am I able to make the case to the Unicode Technical Committee and for the Unicode Technical Committee to consider that case before making a decision?
William Overington
19 April 2013
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