Re: SignWriting

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 23:54:16 -0700

> Sing-Writing has both a normative form, to be generated by computer
>> programs, and a handwriting form allowing more freedom. It has been
>> developed using signs that are not so complicate to reproduce in a
>> meaningful way.
>> Could you provide a link with signwritten sentences in the *latest*version of SignWriting and a fast handwritten version in juxtaposition,
>> where the latter doesn't look cumbersome to produce?
> Not me personnally, because I'm not trained in any sign language. But the
> actual promoters of SignWriting have many examples to show you if you look
> for it. It is easy to find on the web without asking.

I think you're assuming that I haven't already tried.

(In addition to the cursive, there is actually an offshoot shorthand
variant, though it doesn't strike me as anything near optimal with regard
to motor functions. And "shorthand" here, too, means the ad-hoc omission of
signs; it's not merely a cursive that retains full information by mirroring
the printed form. Btw, the cursive looks somewhat standardized, not sure
about the shorthand as far as the latest version of SignWriting is
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