Common and Inheritied Unicode scripts

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Per UTR 24, Section 2.8<> the COMMON and INHERITED script values indicate that a code point can be used with 2 or more other Scripts. But the document is not broadly explicit about which scripts are compatible with which COMMON/INHERITED code points. An example in this section indicates that “U+30FC ( ー ) KATAKANA-HIRAGANA PROLONGED SOUND MARK is shared between Hiragana and Katanana [sic]” and that it cannot be “used with other scripts, such as Latin or Greek”.

In fact, the section mentions 2 code points specifically:
U+0660 ∈ Arabic
U+0660 ∈ Syriac
U+0660 ∉ Latin
U+0660 ∉ Greek
U+30FC ∈ Hiragana
U+30FC ∈ Katakana
U+30FC ∉ Latin
U+30FC ∉ Greek

In my reading, it feels like the document stops short of saying “U+0660 must only be used in Arabic and Syriac”. Given that these statements appear as an example, they feel non-normative. So generally speaking, I’d love to get some guidance about how registries should treat COMMON/INHERITED code points. Specifically, should registries impose restrictions on the use of certain COMMON code points? Is there a document that describes those restrictions, mapping COMMON/INHERITED code points to a set of scripts?

Any help is appreciated,
-- John

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