Aw: Re: Latvian and Marshallese Ad Hoc Report (cedilla and comma below)

From: Jörg Knappen <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 11:17:33 +0200 (CEST)

Micheal Everson schrieb:

>>>> * Add preemptively LATIN [CAPITAL|LOWERCASE] LETTER * WITH CEDILLA ATTACHED for every Latvian/Livonian character currently in UNicode.
>>> Why? Latvian and Livonian don't use letters with "proper" cedilla attached.
>> Maybe my english wasn't perfect here; of course I think that for writing Latvian the existing characters shall be used. I meant "for" in the sense of "foreach" or "for loop" in programming languages.

>I have no idea what that means. You want to add a bunch of new non-decomposed characters with a proper cedilla… why?

>> And yes, I think not only the four character required for marshallese, but also the other ones (g, k, and r).


The first reason is to solve this problem completely and not only to resolve a Latvian-Marshallese conflict and leave some other exceptions for later.

The second reason is that the letter g, k, l, m, r with proper cedillas are currently not encodable using UNicode (because of the latvian exceptions and canonical composition/decomposition), but they should *obviously* be encodable.

>>>> (Don't use terms like MARSHALLESE [CAPITAL|LOWERCASE] LETTER [M|N] -- such entities don't exist from a character encoding point of view.)
>>> Yes they do. Cf. U+0406 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER BYELORUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN I. The character name exists to distinguish it from other characters and to guide the user in the character's use.
>> But that character exists as a base letter with a distinct shape. There is no distinct base letter marshallese m or n.

>There is no decomposition. There is no base character + diacritic. The whole thing is a "letter" used in Marshallese. (It's just a name.)

Allthough there is the famous Goethe quote "Namen sind Schall und Rauch" I think good naming style matters, and I prefer the descripte style LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH PROPER CEDILLA (marshallese) to the ad-hoc style
LATIN CAPITAL LETTER MARSHALLESE LETTER L WITH CEDILLA. But this is a question of style and can be debatted endlessly without consensus.

--Jörg Knappen

>Michael Everson *

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