Re: Latvian and Marshallese Ad Hoc Report (cedilla and comma below)

From: Lisa Moore <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 18:42:44 -0700

> > And it's a pretty easy guess that there are quite a few more users
> with Japanese and Chinese filenames in the same file system than
> users with Latvian and Marshallese filenames in the same file
> system, both because both Chinese and Japanese are used by many more
> people than Latvian or Marshallese and because China and Japan are
> much closer than Latvia and the Marshall Islands.
> I oppose language-tagging as a mechanism to fix the cock-up of
> slavishly following 8859 decomposition for cedilla and comma-below.
> Character encoding is the better way to deal with this.
> Michael Everson *

I agree with Michael on this. We have a problem that is a bit more
complicated than which fonts are used. The Unicode Standard, quite some
time ago, began to explicitly follow 8859 legacy practice for representing
Latvian letters such that an n with cedilla would be represented as an n
with comma below. To paraphrase Michael, we do have a cock-up on our
hands. Language tagging has not been a viable solution for smaller user
communities, as they are just not well-supported.

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