Re: Scalability of ScriptExtensions (was: RE: Borrowed Thai Punctuation in Tai Tham Text)

From: Michael Everson <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 21:55:28 +0100

On 8 Jul 2013, at 21:35, "Whistler, Ken" <> wrote:

> A much more productive approach, it seems to me, would be instead to try to establish information about various, identifiable typographical traditions for use of punctuation around the world, and then associate "exemplar sets" of punctuation used with those traditions. Such an approach, I assert, would tend to be much more robust (as well as more comprehensible) than definition of very fragile set definitions associating lists of scripts one-by-one with various characters.

And publish this where? That is why Richard is interested in StriptExtensions, I gather.

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