Re: symbols/codepoints for necessity and possibility in modal logic

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 14:45:06 -0700

> There are a number of "box" characters in the vicinity of U+27FB
You mean U+25FB.

> U+25A1 [I think: maybe]
> For diamond [...] U+25CA [I think: no]
Have you read my previous discussion and looked at UTR 25 (p. 20 and
also "Ideal Sizes" on p. 19)?

> U+25AB [and] U+25FD
Definitely too small.
> U+25AF (doubtful)
I've never seen the "box" as a vertical rectangle.

> At I see that the web page
> uses U+25A1 for box, and U+25CA (aka &loz; by w3c) for diamond.
Despite their quality in content, I can't regard them as normative in
typographic matters. They also use & for ∧, which is done in older books
or nowadays when an author (or copyeditor) doesn't bother.

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