Re: polytonic Greek: diacritics above long vowels ᾱ, ‘, ῡ

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 13:27:21 +0200

2013/8/3 Stephan Stiller <>

> I've seen information concerning this
> we can no longer encode new precomposed characters for grapheme clusters
> that are already encoded in any existing standard form
> many times, though I'm not in a position to verify all of your content

And you've truncated the end of my sentence : yes technically they could
still be encoded, but they would NOT be canonically equivalent to the
existing encoding using existng letters and existing combining macron. This
would create *distinct* clusters that would be highyl confusable, and this
is generally not wanted because this would effectively create a new

In other words, this duplicate encoding (without canonical equivalence) is
not needed and not desirable.
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