Re: polytonic Greek: diacritics above long vowels ᾱ, ‘, ῡ

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 22:32:38 +0200

2013/8/4 Richard Wordingham <>

> Also missing are precomposed forms for the likes of <OMICRON,
> COMBINING DOUBLE BREVE, UPSILON>, described as a final diphthong
> shortened before a following vowel.
They are not missing, they are encoded just the way you write it.
They are not needed in fact, but they just should be documented somewhere
for implementers of renderers and fonts, to support these types of clusters.

May be it will be enough to include them somewhere in CLDR data (notably if
they are still not listed explicitly in the Greek collation table), or in
an informative technical report for the Greek script, enumerating more
completely the clusters that should be supported and listing some known
practices and recommanded encodings (possibly with exceptions for some
usages discussed in the report).

I suggest an informative technical report instead of extending The Unicode
standard itself, only because it will not be normative, and will be subject
to updates. And the same could be developed for other scripts as well
(notably for Semitic and Indic scripts).

The Latin script would probably need several separate reports for different
usages (notably, one for orthographic usages in modern languages, another
for specialized epigraphic, old orthographies, and a specific section for
use and styling of the Latin script within East-Asian scripts, and another
for phonetic, phonologic, notations; the mathematical and technical formula
notations using LAtin letters should be referencing appropriate documents
for this usage).

Each report for each script should also document their usage of "common" or
"inherited" characters. Some of these usages are described in standardized
properties, formalized in TUS). These evolving informative reports would
become bases for discussions for improving later these properties (and
related algorithms).
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