Re: Posting Links to Ballots (was: RE: Why blackletter letters?)

From: Steffen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 14:09:01 +0200

I have been able to compress all lower-, upper- and titlecase
mappings, simple and extended (no conditions yet) of Unicode 6.2
into a 260 entry binary search array.
I'm not with this project at the moment, but looking at the
alloc/Pipeline.html it *could* be that those few characters alone
will add maybe 10 (sorry..) more slots, if the presence of SMALL
or CAPITAL indicates they'll be Lt/Lu/Ll or will have an entry in
I hope that this wonderful thing that is the UCS will not become
blurred -- memory size is still a concern for some people.
(Reading how the process works doesn't give a lot of hope, yet
that is what came to my mind.)

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