Re: Empty set

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 04:31:24 -0700

>> Once you've increased the width of these interword spaces to their
>> maximum, all the characters (and these increased spaces) should be
>> justified using interletter spacing, and this extra interletter
>> spacing should be applied as well between the dots of the ellipsis
>> (showing that they are effectively 3 separate characters and not just
>> one with a fixed distance between dots).
> You are right that tracking and glyph scaling exist, but how exactly
> they should be applied to a 3- or 4-dot ellipsis is likely a matter of
> font design and typographic style. What you write isn't unreasonable,
> but I don't buy it as an absolute prescription. (If it were one,
> that'd be an argument against a single-glyph ellipsis.)
Actually, not even that is clear. If there were only tracking, that'd be
an argument against single-glyph ellipses, but glyph scaling can to some
extent take care of them. The best argument against them might be the
lack of good arguments for them ... After all there are many punctuation
clusters, as you pointed out earlier, and it's not like optimal kerning
and tracking behavior is determined exclusively by a glyph cluster's
semantic decomposability.

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