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From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 05:03:53 -0700

> Once you've increased the width of these interword spaces to
> their maximum, all the characters (and these increased spaces)
> should be justified using interletter spacing, and this extra
> interletter spacing should be applied as well between the dots
> of the ellipsis (showing that they are effectively 3 separate
> characters and not just one with a fixed distance between dots).
> You are right that tracking and glyph scaling exist,
> This is not glyph scaling
Because it's called tracking.

> if the dots are circular, they remain circular.
When /glyph scaling/ is performed, it's by up to 2% (recommends
Bringhurst). That'll make circles ovals (different meaning of
"ellipsis"). And noone's gonna notice.

> you may argue that the problem is similiar with the dots or diaresis
> or Hebrew and arabic points, but these dots are less essential for
> correct understanding of text on low resolution medias, or prints on
> basic paper quality and with low cost inks.
Well, I'm not sure about Arabic i‘jām not being so important for visual
letter discrimination :-)

Btw, different aspect of the topic: math and Chinese are different; for
those separate ellipsis glyphs make sense.

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